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Hiking and Birdwatching

Hiking and Birdwatching

For those who enjoy nature, the unknown and rough natural beauty of northern Greece and Mt. Olympus will surprise them.

Day 1:
Fly to Kastoria. Walking tour of the city and visit to some of its numerous Byzantine Churches covered with frescoes. Overnight in Kastoria.

Day 2:
A short drive to the village of Psarades on the Prespes Lake.
Visit the island of Aghios Achilios in the small lake by special boats with a naturalist and an ornithologist. View the impressive ruined 10th century basilica. This is one of the places for bird watching. Pelicans, coots, pygmy cormorants, herons and geese being some of the most prominent birds to view. In the spring the area is full of flowers. The Prespes lakes are the nesting ground of two endangered species of pelicans; the Dalmatian and the Wild pelican. Overnight at the Guest house at the village of Psarades.

Day 3: :
Early morning bird watching at Psarades. Visit by boat the blue beaches of the big Prespa lake and its steep rocky shores. In the natural caves hermits have retreated and have painted frescoes on its walls. Visit two monasteries of the 13th century. The big lake is the point where three nations meet: Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Greece. Overnight at Psarades.

Day 4:
Drive to Litochoro the village near Mt Olympus. On the way visit Dion where the Macedonians held Athletic Games. In the fine small Museum view the ancient musical organ which is unique in the world. Overnight at Litochoro.

Day 5: :
Early morning hike to Mt Olympus. Overnight at the shelter at the Valley of the Muses and the Throne of Zeus. Possibility to hike half-way to the Zolotas Guest House. Overnight on Mt Olympus.

Day 6: :
Hike down to the village of Litochoro. Overnight.

Day 7: :
Drive to Thessaloniki. On the way visit the ancient capital of the Macedonians Aegae, present dayVergina, and see the Tomb of Philip II and its impressive finds. Overnight in Thessaloniki.

Day 8: :
In Thessaloniki visit the Old Town and its Byzantine fortifications. The churches of St Demetrius, the Rotonda and Arch of Gallerius and the archaeological Museum.In the afternoon fly to Athens and overnight.

Day 9: :
Conclude the trip with a visit to the incomparable Acropolis and its monuments. Afternoon flight.

Special Features

  • A naturalist and an ornithologist will accompany you at the Prespes Lakes.
  • A mountain guide from Litochoro will lead you to Mt Olympus.
  • An expert for all archaeological sites.
  • Dinner with local specialties at the village of Psarades.
  • A booklet for each participant with the history of Greece and a special bookletsand maps for the bird-watchers.
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