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Greece Undiscovered

Greece Undiscovered

While travelers to Greece have generally focused on Classical, Byzantine and Ottoman history, Greece offers yet another element which has always been the silent spectator in the historical evolution of the Balkan Peninsula; Nature.

Day 1:
Fly to Ioannina from Athens: This is an idyllic provincial town on the shores of a lake. The notorious Turkish Ali Pasha left his mark here in the l8th century. Slim minarets and mosques and his citadel dominate the city.
Visit the folk art museum, and the archaeological museum. Overnight in Ioannina.

Day 2:
The mountain town of Metsovon, is full of character and atmosphere. It flourished during the Ottoman rule and it was settled by nomads (Vlachs) who wear their costume to this day. Visit the folk-art museumhoused in the impressive mansion of the Tositsa family. Overnight in Ioannina.

Day 3: :
Dodona was the second most important oracle in Greece after Delphi, with a sanctuary dedicated to the god Zeus. Visit the archaeological site, the well preserved theater and the museum. Overnight in Ioannina.

Day 4:
By boat to the small island in the lake of Ioannina,with its post Byzantine churches with exquisite and well preserved frescoes. Possibility to visit the old synagogue. Fly to Athens.

Special Features

  • Lectures before the visits.
  • A study leader accompanies the group.
  • Lunch on the island in the lake.
  • Lunch with local specialties in Metsovon.
  • Lecture by a professor of Byzantine art and history.
  • A booklet with the history of ancient and modern Greece, its culture, architecture, art, religion and Drama.
  • An expert accompanies the group throughout.
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