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Cyclades White

Cyclades White

Visit the islands in comfort and style on board the chartered S.V. Pantheon or the S.V. PanOrama. The 50 meter sail cruiser with all 26 outer cabins, are welcoming and friendly providing expert service.

Day 1:
Sail along the coast of Apollo and cape Sounion, viewing the Temple of Poseidon, to the island of Kea for your first encounter with island life.

Day 2:
Visit Syros and attend a seminar on photography at the home and studio of the teacher and well known photographer Platon Rivelli. Lunch at his home.
In the afternoon sail to the near-by island of Tinos to visit the famous church, the Lourdes of the Aegean. Meet the sculptor Babis Kritikos at his home and studio and compare modern with ancient sculpture.

Day 3: :
Explore this mountainous island of Naxos. Visit the fortified mansion – Pyrgos (Venetian Castle) – of a friend and visit the ancient Temple of Demeter converted to an early Christian church. See the “kouros” left in situ at the quarry because of a broken leg!
In the afternoon walk to the medieval town –the kastro- which is unique in Greece.

Day 4:
Sail into the caldera of Santorini in the early morning.
Visit the l7th century BC town at Akrotiri destroyed by the explosion of the volcano and the new Museum with finds from the site. View the picturesque town of Oia with its unique architecture. In the evening sail to the island of Folegandros.

Day 5:
Visit the fascinating museum of Geology in Milos. The catacombs and the ancient theater. Sail in the afternoon for the Saronic island of Spetses.
In the evening take a walk at this charming and sophisticated island, resort for many Athenians, which flourished through maritime trade and shipping in the l8th and l9th centuries.

Day 6:
Nafplion. In the morning visit Mycenae and its Museum and in the afternoon Epidaurus. In the evening Greek dances in Nafplion.

Day 7:
Overnight sail to the island of Aegina. Visit the well preserved 5th century BC Temple of Athena-Aphaea. Lunch at the home of the Zachariou family. Return to Zea in the evening for a farewell dinner.

Special Features

  • Seminar on photography and lunch at the home of Platon Rivelli in Syros.
  • Visit the workshop of the well known sculptor Babis Kritikos in Tinos.
  • Gourmet lunch at the picturesque village of Apeiranthos.
  • Visit the mansion of Nina de Grazia, a fortified tower house in Naxos.
  • Lunch with Santorini specialties at the village of Pyrgos.
  • Visit the unique geological Museum guided by the curator in Milos
  • Greek Dances by a family of dancers in Nafplio.
  • Lunch at the house of the Zachariou family in Aegina.
  • A booklet for each participant with the history of Greece, its architecture, mythology, art and Drama. Description of the island that are visited.
  • A study leader accompanies the group for the cruise.
Family Adventure, Islands and small ships