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Classical Greece

Classical Greece

The most visited ancient sites in Greece include Corinth, Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi and of course Athens with the Acropolis and its Archaeological Museum.

Day 1:
Visit the National Archaeological Museum in order to have an overview of the entire ancient history of Greece. A guided visit to the Acropolis, its monuments and its Museum. (The new Acropolis Museum is scheduled to open in September 2008).

Day 2:
Visit the Ancient Agora (Market place) with distinguished Archaeologists from the American School of Classical Studies in Athens as your guide. Enjoy lunch in the Plaka, and an afternoon strolling through the winding streets of the market.

Day 3: :
Leave the capital to journey to Corinth to visit the Roman Forum and the Museum. The Bema where St Paul defended himself before the Roman proconsul Gallio. Epidaurus: the site of the ancient medical center and the best preserved Greek theater. Evening at lovely Nafplion by the sea, with its medieval fortress overhead.

Day 4:
Visit Mycenae, a Bronze Age site with an imposing Acropolis, Cyclopean walls, the Lions’ Gate and the Treasury of Atreus, as well as a fine new Museum. In the afternoon drive through Arcadia to Olympia.

Day 5:
Olympia is the most evocative of ancient sites where Pan-Hellenic athletic and poetic competitions were held. The Museum contains some of the most important works of ancient Greek sculpture. In the afternoon drive to Delphi crossing the Corinthian Gulf on the new magnificent bridge.

Day 6:
Visit the shrine and Oracle of Apollo, the religious and cultural center of the ancient world – a spectacular site and museum. In the afternoon on the way to Athens visit the Byzantine Monastery of Ossios Loukas with stunning mosaics.

Special Features

  • Lectures before each visit.
  • An expert accompanies the group throughout the trip.
  • Dinner at a traditional tavern in Argos.
  • Greek Dances in Nafplio.
  • Lunch at the village of Arachova.
  • A booklet with the history of Greece, its architecture, art, mythology, religion, drama and the Ancient Olympics.
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