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Our Team

Our Team

Vacances travel is staffed by a core group that works harmoniously in both the executive and coordinating aspects of planning and implementation.

Eleni Zachariou: As co-founder of Vacances Tours, Eleni has over 25 years of experience as a study leader for various trips to Greece, Turkey, Italy, Israel and Jordan. For the past sixteen years, she has been the principle study leader for many educational travel programs including all Smithsonian Institute, National Geographic, Grinnell University, Oxford University and Academic Travel tours in Greece, as well as specialized alumni trips, biblical tours, guides and lectures. Academically, Eleni studied Classical art and archaeology and has completed her subsequent graduate work in Byzantine and Biblical studies. Eleni has studied in Athens, Geneva, Boston and New York. Eleni speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Her research specializations include; Classical Greece and Rome, Byzantine Studies, Biblical Studies, Comparative Mediterranean religions, and history and Ecological Travel (nature hikes, bird watching).

Themistocles Zachariou: With over 36 years of experience in the travel industry, Themis is the cofounder of Vacances Tours. He is one of the pioneers of the travel industry in Greece being one of the first tour leaders to create “sailing flotillas”, thereby introducing sailing-travel tourism to islands like Naxos and Agistri and to envision the growth and needs of the specialized tourist. He oversees the organizational and logistical aspects of your trip on land, sea and air.

Stelios Zachariou: Stelios holds a bachelors (Trinity College) and masters degree in Contemporary European and Cold War History (University of New Orleans) respectively. He recently completed his doctorate on the impact of the Marshall Plan on Greece from the University of Athens. Stelios has worked in organizing and preserving the historical archives of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs for special archival projects including Greece’s Jewish Diaspora, Greece’s cinematographic history and Diplomatic history. He is currently involved in the sales and marketing aspects of Vacances company as well as in the development of new itineraries, working directly with clients.

Nicolas Zachariou: Nicolas has an MBA and an MS from Michigan University at Ann Arbor, as well as an MA in Economics and an MS in Engineering from Cornell University. Nicolas is an entrepreneur and has founded a venture capital firm that currently has vested interest in a number of companies in the internet and telecommunications space. In Vacances Tours, Nicolas is in charge of the business development side.

Stella Galani: Stella is a native of Athens with extensive experience leading groups through Greece with noted enthusiasm and expertise. She earned her MA degree in cultural anthropology from SUNY Albany and is completing her doctorate degree in anthropology at University College in London. Stella has been the study leader and teacher for numerous American Universities, Swan Hellenic Cruises and National Geographic.

Eleni Premeti: Eleni has studied archaeology at the University of Athens. She is experienced with educational tours and cruises and loves teaching children. She has been the study leader for many College groups, church groups, special interest tours, Swan Hellenic cruises and the National Geographic Family cruises.